Tasting Australia Blackboard Specials - Rigoni's Bistro

Tasting Australia Blackboard Specials

Rigoni's Italian Tasting Australia event
April 30 brings with it the start of the Tasting Australia event, and Rigoni’s has joined in the fun this year with a Tasting Australia Blackboard special that will last for the entire duration of the event from April 30, until May 7. It will also be included in the Autumn/Winter Menu.
What is this blackboard special you ask? Only the finest  Grilled Southern Bluefin tuna paired with Jerusalem artichokes, confit garlic aioli, slow roasted heirloom tomatoes, baby capers, white anchovy, green beans, kalamata olives and soft poached quail eggs. Is your mouth watering yet? Mark the dates in your calendar, and we’ll see you there!
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