Rigoni’s Bistro Adelaide - Pre-order from delicious Italian restaurant menu

Terms & Conditions

  • Only our pre-order form will be accepted
  • Pre orders must be received by 10am on the day of dining to guarantee availability of products
  • Confirmation of the booking and receipt of the pre order is required by 10.30am on the day of dining
  • Pre orders are only available with a confirmed reservation
  • Pre orders are to be sent via e-mail or fax only
  • No Separate accounts- single bills only per table
  • No individual payments
  • Entertainment cards need to be presented before the bill is printed to claim the discount
  • Allergies and dietary requirements must be communicated with the pre order
  • Meals will be served at the booked time unless Rigoni’s Bistro is notified in advance
  • Rigoni’s Bistro reserves the right to cancel or change a menu item at any time
  • Use of the Rigoni’s Bistro pre order system denotes acceptance of the terms and conditions as specified above
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